ECO-GARDENS Heritage To The Heights Of Carved Rocks

Get into the Unexplored Destination of Kerala

To the centre of appealing land of Cheruthuruthy - to the midst of traditional living - to the core of heritages – to the south of soothing voice of the poetic river, Nila - a hideout resort that twinkles above the naturally gifted land of Thrissur, ECO-GARDENS. The way seems converged and the eyes seems diverged to the appealing beauty, sheltered by the green rich canopy.

Your Traditional Resort In Kerala

The Best Architectural Glance of Kerala Resort

To the very foremost step in, one can easily scent the cultural and traditional outfit it forecasts. The specimen looks a bit poetic with haunting longevity as one goes through the unending doorway of culture and tradition that the resort displays from the god's own country of Kerala. The ethnic sense of the built remarks how aesthetic the minds worked in preserving the folklore of the land and gluing with a modern allure. Even the bricks used in for the built along with artworks involved showcases the very involvement of traditional people and their craft towards the resort.

Best Go To Destination of Kerala Tourism with Ayurveda life

Eco-Gardens – a golden feather to the tourism of Kerala from the epic land of Cheruthuruthy in Thrissur district with a 23 Acres of spread marking the culture, tradition and life of people to its core. We have divided our resort into 5 different zones of tourism where one could witness all his aspires and desires converged to the land of appealing charm.

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