Reinvent your past culture and lost traditions of Kerala by having a look into the best village theme from the traditional resort of Kerala.
Convergence of the handloom dynasty – Pottery culture – coir makings – stone crafts with the ‘ Nadan thattukada ’ resembles the old village theme that the resort displays with varied culture under the same umbrella that no other resort offers you with that intense. The theme remarks full float of emotions to the diminishing world of pottery and handloom. One who visits the resort have a chance to recall all the past culture towards them.

The Live Puppet Play

The evolution of cinemas and television hindered this epic art form which was once the divine entertainment of ancient culture. Eons ago known by the name ‘Tholpavakothu’, still has its significance with the divine touch of goddess Bhadrakali. This magnificent resort takes us way back to the epic art form of ‘live puppet show’ in days of yore along with ‘kalapaatu’ in a mini theatre at the heritage

Metal Mirrors Of Cheruthuruthy

We all might have heard about ‘Aranmula kannadi’, Cheruthurithy village is also well known for their brilliant skills to make ‘Valkannadi’– the handmade metal alloy mirror considered to be one of the eight auspicious items or “Ashtamangalyam” that play a role in the entry of the bride at a wedding venue. These unique metal mirrors marks Kerala’s rich cultural and metallurgical traditions which should be explored with a curious mind.

The Crafted Koppu

Another attraction to the craftwork which makes the village theme special – ‘KOPPU’, past craft indulged to produce the head gear to the costumes that played a vital role in the golden era of sacred theatre art. One could experience the way that it gets moulded with the vital craft.

Gaze At The Koothambalam With Vivid Artforms

The preciousness that ‘Kerala kalamandalam’ brings to this resort is their art forms. Kerala’s renowned art forms will be pictured just before you by the very talented artists from kalamandalam which itself is a visual treat that can be cherished. The special area where this will be performed is the ‘koothambalam’ similar to the one in kerala kalamandalam which signifies the very cultural importance of the play.