Indeed the best moments of your life should be meeting its cherished harmony and we at Eco Gardens welcomes you to a new world and concept of honeymoon tourism exclusively making your couple bond to relate and express to its high tone and glamour. Honeymoon is that time and destine where you need an explicit stay away from all your worries, just you and your partner to the very first moment of enlightenment. We offer you with pampering stay of comforts, delicate world of taste and a tradition to mark your way to the very beginning of your life.
Beside our deluxe suits of rooms and special cottages, we make your couple stay adorable and comfort rich with our explicit offerings of Water Villa, Tree House, candle light dinner, art and food culture along with melting rich traditions of Kerala that you can experience with no other resort.

Water Villa

This is certainly the most auspicious stay of delight with peace, as you can witness a hideout special villa surrounded by water where there is peace and tranquillity. The perfect blend of interior with ambient atmosphere is what you can sink into with this explicit stay of comfort. What makes this special is that you get that couple longevity without a human noise to interfere. We also offer a special arrangement for candle light dinner where you and your partner can gaze to the moonlight and speak your emotions with a delicate taste and water surrounded by. You could even listen to the murmur of fishes beneath and bird chirpings above the roof pointing to the villa’s quiet and serene way of approach to your honeymoon moments. A stay here can make you feel your honeymoon emotions to hike up to the utmost beauty.

Tree Huts

It’s a super amazing feel that trails us along to the tree houses with potters carving their pottery world to the nearby, sounds of handloom workers along with the gaze to different art form constructions. This cultural path directs our way to the beautiful tree houses which can make you scream to the sky with a relaxed ambient. You can get to the treetop and witness the green lush canopy of our beautiful resort with an open window gaze. All honeymooners are mostly welcomed to our tree hut facility so that they can have that little adventure to the start of their couple life. A relaxed sit at the top exchanging your thoughts sighting to the beautiful landscape and green lush canopy with a coffee in hand could make your moment extra fabulous and that’s what we strive making your explicit and adventurous honeymoon stay to adore.