Take your footprints to the cultural capital of Kerala where you could witness the blend of culture and tradition with art forms of mindblowing calibre

Kerala Kalamandalam – The Immortal Presence

A rebirth to the typical art forms – kathakali, kudiyattam and Mohiniyattam which stays eternal to the core of the small town of Cheruthurithy, with in the banks of river Nila, pictured in the 1930’s by the great fame of Kerala, Vallathol Narayana Menon. One can relate all his way and devour the steps of kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Kudiyattam, Thullal, Kuchipudi, Bharathanatyam, with the orchestra of Panchavadyam to the percussion of chenda , maddalam, mizhavu which pursues “ GuruKula Sampriday “ -the ancient way of teaching.


Famous around the world, Kathakali’s magnificence has won great admiration for the state of Kerala. It combines devotion, drama, dance, music, costumes and make up into a divine experience for all who get to view it. It retells the great stories of the past, mostly from Indian epics, and leaves one spellbound at the various intricacies involved in the performance. Every single quiver of the lips, flicker of the eyes or a movement involving the fingers twirling, has great significance. The entire performance sees the audience unable to take their eyes away from the spectacle taking place on stage.


The oldest tradition of string puppetry in Kerala, nool pavakoothu, older than pavakathakali, where the puppeteer-showmen performed every year during religious festivals. Two categories of puppets were seen side by side in a performance. Smaller puppets, measuring no more than 25 centimetres, represented the classical characters from the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. And taller, less finely sculpted and painted puppets represented comic characters who appeared in the prologues: in particular, two clowns, or vidushaka, called Koru and Unnaikan, who related their adventures as hunters pursuing a crane. The local public was especially appreciative of the puppeteers’ skill with gestural and narrative improvisation of these popular characters, and would come in droves to see the shows.

Underlying Pottery Culture

Pottery –the art of mud and clay, the gorgeous mould of love and art has something to speak to the modern era. Yes we could surround their diminishing voice all over the land but none of us makes a step back. Cheruthurithy and Ezhumangand marks as the rich villages to this symbolic culture that still stays within them. What makes them rich – is the voice of Corel between pebbles and water of the river Nila. The ever diminishing mind-sets is what pictures them still alive with the highlights of Cheruthurithy. The community sounds as ‘Kumbharan’ or ‘Kululan’ and dialect traces to the mix of Tamil and Telugu as a part of migration centuries ago.
One of the finest potters mark his words as follows,
“Yes it’s going down and down, still tourism and modern culture seeks my art and products, that’s something to smile”.

Handloom Village

Attirely traditional- we all love to hear it back from others. Zooming into the handloom dynasty to the nearby of Cheruthuruthy village, Kuthampully is renowned for this attire tradition to our comfort. Shuttle pit looms –the rhythmic musical sound of working of the throw can be heard to the ambient sky weaved by birds and high trees. Khadi Weaving also has its route back to Cheruthuruthy, the wall filled with hanging photos of Mahatma Gandhi, the tradition loom mechanisms, the purest quality and the finest blend.

Farming as a livelihood

Cheruthuruthy, a preoccupied little village on the banks of the temperamental Bharathapuzha, 30 km from Trichur. People of this village are living in very peaceful manner. This village having very proud history. Agriculture is the main profession of this village. Following the traditional modes of agricultural techniques, the farmers of cheruthuruthy play a major role in maintaining prehistoric traditions & culture of Kerala. Still this village is waiting for Industrial development. Young generation is more attracted towards mobile, Laptop and computer technology these days, but it’s a great experience to gaze through the roots of ancestral traditions. Immerse in the soul of earthly people of Cheruthuruthy.