Dip into the wellness of Ayurveda with exclusive treatments and packages from the best Ayurveda Resort in Cheruthuruthy making the new trail of your life

Greener To The Ayurveda

NIRAVANA, Unwind your way next to the green rich rejuvenation that it offers to the solace of Ayurveda comfort and settle back with your feeling of oneness. Unlax your bodies and minds with Ayurveda treatments and prolong your yells to the everlasting breathe of your life with the spa. This place offers a relief to the existing thoughts and dilemmas to a better life ahead by growing greener and greener. Even the lights of the carved walls have something to speak to the irenic way of life you would embrace

Exclusive Pool For Ayurveda

Indulge to the varied experience of typical Ayurveda treatment to an exclusive pool where you can relax your minds with an explicit comfort. Yes indeed nowhere you can find such a built of pool with a unique touch. The main advantage one gets here is that, this zone is exclusively built for people seeking Ayurveda way of life and you have your own comfort without any outside intervention. Your priority remains your safety and giving you the sheer comforts within the Ayurveda life of Eco Gardens.

Yoga And Meditation

A special lawn built aside the Ayurveda zone for yoga and meditation purposes. The very need of having a meditation after yoga practise is fostered here with pure intent of building a happy and healthy life. You can experience exquisite methodology within the yoga practises that is designed to reveal your interconnections or inner essence of living. The place leaves the resort with an Ayurveda touch of vibration where anyone can adapt the lifestyle of ancient traditional importance.

The Unexplored ‘Anangan Mala’ Hill

It’s truly an unexpected encounter that we could witness by our way. The depiction identifies these hills as a part of the history when piece of the mountain Lord Hanuman carried from Himalayas fell to this particular area which was then so called as Anangan mala hills to the very significance it carries. An ideal and adventurous place where you can explore the epic routes of Ayurveda medicines that makes this place a historical site of unknown. Experience the resort with a culture of Ayurveda medicines