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Whatever the occasion, CEG ensures that you mark it in great style. You may be planning a lavish wedding or simply seeking a discreet table for two. Let our experts create special moments that you will never forget.
maple leaf

Maple Leaf Banquet Hall

Our Maple Leaf Banquet Hall is a medium-sized multi-purpose hall which allows for different seating arrangements, including boardroom, u-shape, classroom, fish bone style, circular, semi-circular and theatre-style setups. The flexibility of room set up in different configurations makes it ideal for seminars and meetings. Various facilities can be offered to complement meetings, including projector and screen, white board, flip-charts and audio-visual system. Maple Leaf is fully air-conditioned and also boasts ambience lighting. In addition, the room is also blessed with large windows which provide natural light and breathtaking views. The windows are blacked out during the viewing of presentations on the projector screen during meetings. The room also features a small stage and separate rest rooms.


PEPCO Dining Hall

This fully air-conditioned multi-purpose room features a mobile stage which can be located in any part of the hall as per client’s specifications. This medium-sized meeting room accommodates around 300 pax (depending on seating arrangement) and is therefore very popular with the various business sectors for holding medical conferences, corporate meetings, shareholder meetings as well as family get-togethers, reunions and weddings. Food arrangements for weddings held in the PEPCO International Conference Hall are organized in the PEPCO Dining Hall. The room can be accessed through two separate entrances, one from the outdoors and another through the hallway in between the standard rooms. Restroom facilities for men and women can be found towards one end of the hall.


PEPCO International Conference Hall

This is the largest meeting room in our conference center and it seats between 1000 and 1500 people, depending on seating configurations. The multi-purpose conference hall features a sizeable stage which has changing rooms on either side. The stage is an important feature of the room as it can be set up in accordance with client requirements and has special lighting fixtures as well as stage curtains and retractable folding screens on either side of the stage. The fully air-conditioned meeting room can be accessed via lift as it is located on the 1st floor. The balcony outside the meeting room affords a great view of the swan pond and green, lush lawns below.

vip lounge

VIP Lounge in Conference Hall

The VIP Lounge is located directly above PEPCO International Conference Hall and is ideally suited for enabling VIP conference delegates to follow the meeting from an exclusive location. The lounge features a glass wall through which to view the conference proceedings taking place below.


Royal Boardroom

The Royal boardroom is a modern fully air-conditioned, upscale and luxurious meeting space which features a large rectangular table and 6 plush leather armchairs.


“Majilis” Emperor Boardroom

The Majilis Boardroom features the warm, exotic and traditional style of Arabic design. This intimate and plush room is fully air-conditioned and can host up to 14 guests.


Contemporary “Crystal” Boardroom

The Crystal Boardroom has a contemporary, executive design with a large rectangular, solid wooden meeting table and seven plush armchairs. The room is fully air-conditioned and is ideal for high-level board meetings, contract negotiations and formal assemblies.


“Hang out” Open Air Restaurant

The Hang Our open-air restaurant within Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens can host groups of up to 60 people. Though the restaurant is not air-conditioned, it features several large yet silent and powerful fans to circulate the air. The restaurant boasts some stunning views of the lush natural landscape of the Resort. A variety of seating options are available while a sound-system can be provided to suit client needs.


Boardroom in “Spice Bowl”

Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens’ Spice Bowl restaurant features an exclusive boardroom, which serves as a private area within the restaurant. The room which can host up to 12 people, features climate control through air-conditioning or
electric fans, depending on the client’s preference. This room is ideal for intimate get-togethers which require private space including board meetings, working lunches and exclusive dinners.






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Book a group of 10 or more rooms or cabins and enjoy unrivalled rates.

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Book a group of 10 or more rooms or cabins and enjoy unrivalled rates.

Discover more