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No self-respecting resort would be complete without a fully-fledged Spa in which guests can relax,feel pampered and indulge in some seriously beneficial beauty therapies and treatments, plus, what better way to unwind and focus on your personal care and enhancement of your looks than by being immersed in a relaxing,natural environment?It is commonly known that relaxation benefits both beauty and confidence and we fully believe in enabling our guests to experience their chosen beauty therapies in a genuinely harmonious ambience and atmosphere.

The White Lotus Spa Centre


The White Lotus Spa Centre at Cheruthuruthy Eco-Gardens has all the necessary facilities to enable our guests to indulge in our range of beauty therapies. Our Spa has been carefully designed to be fully-functional and also aesthetically pleasing. On approaching the Spa, guests are welcomed at the entrance by a small pond in which delicate lotus flowers blossom at night.
The spa features a treatment room, with two individual treatment seats. Each treatment area features the required material for the respective spa treatments, including mirrors, chairs and technical equipment for manicures, pedicures,etc. One of the specially-constructed rooms in the Spa is the steam room which has three glass walls and one solid wall. This enables the guest to enter and take a seat on the small wooden bench and enjoy the beneficial effects of the vapour. We are proud to have a highly experienced team of spa therapists and beauticians who will ensure that our guests enjoy beneficial, soothing and relaxing therapies.

Aroma massage

Indulge in our tailor-made massages using aromatic plant oils to relax your muscular tension, enhance your mood and promote your overall well-being. Relax and unwind while also nourishing your skin through the absorption of the rich and highly beneficial compounds.

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Deep tissue massage

Lie back and let our qualified and skilled massage therapists realign the deeper layers of your muscles and connective tissue. This type of massage is particularly beneficial for dealing with chronic aches and pains, as well as muscular tightness and soreness.

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Head massage

Particularly suited to relieving the symptoms of modern day stress and psychological tension, a head massage can be very relaxing and soothing. This treatment includes a massage of the scalp, neck and face. These areas contain plenty muscles which are often ignored and which tend to hold plenty of the tension built up from hectic and high pressure lifestyles.

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A cosmetic version of the foot massage, our pedicures consist of a blissful treatment for the feet and toenails. Guests will find that their feet are softer and are free from unsightly and uncomfortable dry skin. The pedicure is concluded with an exfoliation, application of moisturizing creams, and a brief leg massage.

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Our manicures revitalize, rejuvenate and pamper the much-used hands. Our qualified andexperienced therapists will file and shape the clients’ nails to the desired length and appearance. In addition, we also provide treatments, hand massage and the application of nail polish in a variety of styles and colour.

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Shoulder & back massage

Many aches and pains in this area of the body are directly related to stress and tension, therefore, this relaxing massage is designed to release the tension built up in these areas. Use of essential and aromatic oils also enhances the pleasant effects of the massage, while concurrently nurturing the skin.

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Foot massage

As we know from reflexology, the feet contain thousands of nerve endings and pressure points which when manipulated appropriately can greatly enhance overall well-being. The feet are a very important body part which are not usually given sufficient attention. By stimulating and applying pressure to the feet via massage, we promote healthy, strong and flexible feet to support us throughout the day.

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Our bespoke facials can help clients who are looking to tackle a particular skin issue, promote the general health of their face, enhance their looks or just sit back and relax. The skin treatments used include face masks, steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, peels, and massage.

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Spa Packages

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