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We understand and appreciate the significance of food, which is why at our restaurants we make sure to create fragrant, sumptuous dishes for our clients to enjoy and feast upon. We use fine, fresh vegetables, herbs and spices which are grown in our resort’s gardens and our own farm, so as to ensure that our dishes are made from the best ingredients. Our expert chefs prepare the delicacies listed in our menus in a traditional and authentic way, providing outstanding dishes for our guests to feast upon. All our restaurants are housed in the resort’s traditional Kerala designed structure.

Spice Bowl


The Spice Bowl is our multi-cuisine restaurant where guests can select from an array of dishes, hailing from various culinary heritages, including North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Thai and Continental. The restaurant, is located on the ground floor of the traditionally-built dining complex. Upon approaching the complex, guests are welcomed by the sight of a charming pond, teeming with golden fish and pretty lotus flowers, which bloom in the evening. The interior design of The Spice Bowl mirrors its culinary fusion and incorporates elements from the different cultures it represents. Guests will note the overall Asian cultural feel throughout the restaurant, combines with the comforts of modern luxuries, embellished by eco-friendly material. A soothing fish tank, displaying a number of different fish is a favourite restaurant attraction for the children, who are keen to observe the lives of the fish swimming by, allowing their parents to enjoy their meals. Feeding chairs for young children are also available at the restaurant, upon request.

The Spice Bowl is fully air-conditioned and also includes a private room for exclusive functions and small
private dinners.



The Hangout is another of our restaurants, which is on the first floor of the dining complex. The open-air restaurant is kitted with powerful, yet silent fans, which circulate the fresh, clean air. The stunning floor-to-ceiling windows happily showcase the luscious views of the surrounding breath-taking natural landscape. They also serve to light up the restaurant with bright, natural light, during the day. This feature also helps enhance guests’ stay as they can immerse themselves in the soothing natural environment, far removed from the bustle of urban life. The Hangout’s specific design and open-air layout was specifically planned for guests who would like to dine after having undertaken an Ayurvedic treatment, following which air-conditioned environments should be avoided.

Here guests, dine among a pretty array of exotic trees, including guava, rubber and sandal trees, amid the green lush of the landscape. The variety of majestic trees attracts a number of small animals to the area, enabling guests to experience the spectacle coming to life, with Indian squirrels storing their “goods” and various species of birds singing and chiming along.

Guests can make use of the direct car access and parking at the back entrance of The Hangout.

Tutti Fruiti


The third eatery of the resort is the Tutti Fruiti coffee shop, which serves tea, coffee, snacks as well as mouth-watering pastries and sweets, for guests with a sweet-tooth to indulge in. The coffee shop itself is constructed in an unusual and original shape which lies somewhere in between a nonagon and a circle. The main feature of the interior of the coffee shop is a large countered centred round a large central column supporting the roof of the structure. Tutti Fruiti is ideal for catching up over a coffee and indulging in one’s sweet tooth. The structure features specially-designed windows which let in the warm glow of the natural sunlight, while complementing the overall feel of the venue, with its traditional and intricate appeal.

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